I personaly don't believe that the zombie could actualy exist for several reasons, The cells in the human body would die and begin to decay and necrossis would set in, riger would set in causing the body stiffen, dead cells can not be reanimated brain and nerve tissues would break down blood would coagulate ect, and for those who believe in reanimative viruses such the T-virus, the T-virus couldn't possibly work because it would need something to consume to replicate it's self a source of energy and other than the host eating other organisms or the host it's self it would burn energy very quickly, the T cells would die off from iether consuming the host or there being to much time bettween the host's feadings I could go on forever.

The only way you could make a zombie is by reprograming the host's brain maybe with a virus, killing it and replacing it's control with a device or organism that can connect to the body and control it, this would require a means of keeping the muscles and nerves intact and or alive through some means of oxygination, this means it could die of starvation as it would need energy and fluids in order to maintane its living cells the rest of the host body may not need to be living. Well what are your thoughts?

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