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    Hey there, it's Danskyl, i'm doing my first blog so it will be about the best top.5 puzzle that i encounter in every Resident evil that i have played. As you all know, Resident evil is not only a game with horror or action genre but also involve solving mystery and of course puzzle solving. There is actually a lot of puzzle in Resident Evil and some where unforgettable and some are just normals. Anyway, Lets begin.

    Honorable Mention:

    -->The Church light puzzle from RE4

    -->The Power switches puzzle from RE2 (This was actually one of the easiest)

    -->The dead ringers dial puzzle from Re4

    -->Painting puzzle in Re1 at the crow room

    No.5 (Potrait Puzzle from Re4) --> "The sacrifice of six will reveal the true path", it literally mean six person meant …

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