Hey there, it's Danskyl, i'm doing my first blog so it will be about the best top.5 puzzle that i encounter in every Resident evil that i have played. As you all know, Resident evil is not only a game with horror or action genre but also involve solving mystery and of course puzzle solving. There is actually a lot of puzzle in Resident Evil and some where unforgettable and some are just normals. Anyway, Lets begin.

Honorable Mention:

-->The Church light puzzle from RE4

-->The Power switches puzzle from RE2 (This was actually one of the easiest)

-->The dead ringers dial puzzle from Re4

-->Painting puzzle in Re1 at the crow room

No.5 (Potrait Puzzle from Re4)
--> "The sacrifice of six will reveal the true path", it literally mean six person meant to be sacrifice. The no.5 best puzzle is the Potrait puzzle which took place in Salazar castle. This puzzle had cost me lots of hours which pissed me of but a relief at the end. Also, such a horror puzzle it was to think six person shall be sacrifice but it's the only way to show the path.

No.4 (Salazar family crest sliding-puzzle from RE4)
--> Remember the puzzle which involving Ashley in Re4. Well this puzzle literally took place in the castle where Ashley was separated from Leon. The first time i try this puzzle it was very hard, i have no idea how to arrange it. But in the end, i can't do it alone i try to search online how to rearrange it correctly and i did. There your have it for No.4.

No.3 (V-Jolt Formula from RE1)
--> Here's one of my original favourites, don't forget also there was a door numeric digit puzzle before getting to this room. The making of the V-Jolt was very enjoyable for me, and i remember i just go there and there back again whether to get the empty bottle, water or the umbrella chemical.

No.2 (The water sample puzzle from RE3)
--> Yep, this is definitely one of my favourite puzzle ever in Resident Evil yet. Why? as my brother and i arrive at the dead factory we always stuck at this puzzle. Without completion of this puzzle, the game cannot proceed. So we tried and tried but still doesn't do anything. So finally, i to try to arrange the bar exactly to form the same bar as at the bottom and FINALLY, IT'S DONE! Now it so much easier for me to do it, but the weird thing is that my brother still can't do it, haha.

No.1 (Laser puzzle from RE5)
--> The no.1 top puzzle for me was the laser puzzle in Re5. RE5 was not like the original three Resident Evil in term of that "horror feeling" but at least they create a great puzzle out of it. There i was as Chris and Sheva was just standing there looking, rearranging the laser to the right place was very cool and so enjoyable. There was one time where i actually die after i accidently rearrange the puzzle wrongly.

So there you go, if there is anything you would like to comment please do. That all, bye.

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