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  • I live in New York (NOT NYC, God dammit)
  • My occupation is Delivering justice (to a town near you)
  • I am Male
  • Demolition Steve

    If you could only choose a single character to be featured again, whether it be a cameo appearence, brief section, or entire return, who would you choose?

    I'm gonna have to go with Barry.

    What about you guys? CHOOSE ONLY ONE, none of this "Oh, but I'd want all these people equally". You can only choose one, doesn't matter if they're alive or dead.

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  • Demolition Steve

    We haven't heard much of anything about Resident Evil 6 yet, but I kinda wanted to hear your ideas if you guys had any about what they may make it. Really this isn't serious, mainly just to kill time but I do actually want to see what people are thinking about. Go ahead, post your ideas but keep them educated.

    And in advance, TJK Ernest, yes, we all know you want Jill to be in it.

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  • Demolition Steve

    Not really a major issue, but just a bug I guess. Whenever I search through blog posts, all the dates are January 1st, 1970. Now, after much research and observation I have come to a valid conclusion that this is incorrect. Anyone know why it's doing this, not that I particularly care though, but it'd be nice to get an answer.

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  • Demolition Steve

    Did anyone who played RE4 notice how Ada was leaving those notes behind for Leon, but in Separate Ways when you play as her they're never acknowledged? Weird, just an oversight? What are your opinions, although I think it's just an oversight.

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