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    Okay, the Resident Evil series has been spanning from 1998-present day, and still mostly using the same characters in nearly all, if not all (I haven't played all of them, so don't hate on me if my facts are inaccurate) for the main six games so far (RE0-Revelations, not including spinoffs) and the movies like Degeneration. Now I understand the Resident Evil fanbase has become attached to these characters (I'm pretty sure everyone loves Jill, Claire, Chris, Leon, etc) and Capcom wants to keep using them, but does anyone think it's getting a little old using the same main characters for almost EVERY conflict? I know it's the RPD's/S.T.A.R.S.(disbanded)/BSAA's/all the other anti-bioterrorism group's goal to combat bioterrorism and whatnot, b…

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