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    Drake Simpson???

    March 10, 2012 by Dr. Octagonapus

    So people on the RE Answers Wiki are blowing it up with questions about a possible new character in RE6 named Drake Simpson. He is supposedly going to replace O'Brian as the BSAA director and play a big role in Chris' story of the game. I have heard no official information about this, however. If anybody can direct me to where the source of this information is, I would be very grateful.

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  • Dr. Octagonapus

    With the big release of the RE6 trailer, many people have been speculating on what might happen to the old characters and who might the new characters be. It looks to me as though Chris Redfield might be on his last mission. He is getting old and fed up with all this bioterrorism nonsense he is forced to deal with. It is unclear whether many of the classic characters like Jill or Claire will even be in the game. Leon also looks like he's getting old; he's certainly not in his usual jovial mood. Of the six main characters that were shown, four of them appear to be new. These include Leon's new partner Helena Harper, Chris' new partner Beards, and two unknown characters. There has been much speculation as to who these two are and many solid …

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