Dr. Sonya

  • I live in Ohio
  • I was born on December 18
  • I am 8==>~~~
  • Dr. Sonya

    Hi everybody! What is the hardest and the easiest RE game for you?

    For me i'd have to say...

    Easiest-RE3. This one was also the most fun! It had Brad in it, and i liked the idea of Nemesis being programmed by Umbrella to execute all the stars members. I liked all the unique weapons and making your own ammo. The story was pretty good too. Overall, it was fairly easy. I think i only died 4 times in the whole game. I also had ammo coming out the ass, but i think thats just because i used my knife ALOT in this game.

    Hardest-RECVX. OMG I'm not even done with this one yet and it is SO FREAKiNG HARD. I've died maybe atleast 17 times. And there was a time a i had to start all over becuase i only had one sliver of health and there wasnt a first aid sp…

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