Hi everybody! What is the hardest and the easiest RE game for you?

For me i'd have to say...

Easiest-RE3. This one was also the most fun! It had Brad in it, and i liked the idea of Nemesis being programmed by Umbrella to execute all the stars members. I liked all the unique weapons and making your own ammo. The story was pretty good too. Overall, it was fairly easy. I think i only died 4 times in the whole game. I also had ammo coming out the ass, but i think thats just because i used my knife ALOT in this game.

Hardest-RECVX. OMG I'm not even done with this one yet and it is SO FREAKiNG HARD. I've died maybe atleast 17 times. And there was a time a i had to start all over becuase i only had one sliver of health and there wasnt a first aid spray or green herb in miles. The bosses are so hard and the ammo and healing items are limited. The story is pretty good though, and i like the setting. I also love Claire, shes my fav. <3

Another game that is kinda easy/hard is RE2, im sure it was really easy for most of you, but this was my first REGame! I had no idea how the controls worked and i must have died 5 or 6 times in the beginning becuase i did not know how to run! But this had the best settings, monsters, and storylines. I really liked Sherry and Ada, they may be my favorite side characters. The monsters were really cool like the creepy-breathing Licker, or the slimy man eating Ivy. The story was really touching especially with Sherry's. The soundtrack was awesome! It was like an 80's synth style horror movie soundtrack. LOVED IT! It was also very scary! lol

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