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  • Elvoblue

    This link will pretty much show you the new information about the extra mode and the Ada campaign as we can see the game's gonna be released in 2 months time so I think it is just natural that we are getting a lot of new infos and new gameplays lately but this confirmed that Resident Evil 6 will have a fourth campaign which is the Ada Campaign but in this campaign it is only playable as a single player campaign and Ada will NOT have a partner which means no co-op a lot of people thought that Ada campaign will have a co-op due to a file called "helper" along with Ada is found inside the demo when the geeks cracked it open I guess addin…

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  • Elvoblue

    wow can you believe that.. no more buying weapons i guess you just have to look for em...but the problem is can you store your weapons somewhere else I mean in the demo you can see Skill points and I thought that is the new currency for the game to buy weapons and such...but all I currently heard that it will be used to upgrade your health and weapons.

    I hopefully wish that they wouldn't just give you default weapons to use throughout the weapons because that would be just plain boring...I mean every person has their own taste right

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  • Elvoblue

    Gameplay and E3 Trailer of Resident Evil 6 ENJOY!!!!!

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  • Elvoblue

    So this is the schedule for the E3 Resident Evil 6 Starring Leon, Chris and Jake..Their gameplay will be shown at different time and date...why can't they show it us on the same day...I don't know..

    TUESDAY 6/5

    3pm - Resident Evil 6 Leon demo and hoodie giveaway

    'WEDNESDAY 6/6 '

    12pm - Resident Evil 6 Chris demo w hoodie giveaway

    3pm - Resident Evil 6 jake demo w hoodie giveaway

    THURSDAY 6/7

    10am PT - Resident Evil 6 w executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi and producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi

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  • Elvoblue

    So I've been browsing the internet searching for news about Resident Evil 6 and look what i've found....

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