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New Resident Evil 6 information from Tumblr

Leons scenario-

>plays like Revelations - OH GOD NO

>when not playing coop AI acts like they arent there - OH HELL YEAH??

>inventories from classic resident evils return - OH SHIT, SON, AWESOME!

>Item box returns - YEEEAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

>typewriter returns - STOP, YOU’RE SPOILING ME.

>Leon suffers through playable nightmares before conflicts start - LOLBATMANSCARECROWBUTCOOL!

>Ada is in the game - EH..ALRIGHT.

>Helena doesnt like her - HA, WHO CARES? NEW CHARACTERS SUCK.

>Aids them anyway - URM, COOL?

Chris’s scenario

>Plays more like RE5 and gears of war put together - BLEGH.

>inventory from RE5 returns - BLEGH.

>Beards is his partners name - LOL.

>Jessica Sherawat is the ***** he is referring to in the trailer - BLEGH!!!!!!!!

>Jill aids Chris later in the game - ALRIGHT.

>Jill soon confesses her love for him - OH GREAT.

Mystery man scenario

>Actually Steve Burnside - HE’S BALD.

>Goes under the name Eric - OKAY.

>Blonde women is Sherry Birkin - OSMDFVON!!! AWESOME!

>Steve has no memory before becoming super human but has visions of a red haired women (Claire) - ALRIGHT, SOUNDS COOL.

>Sherry wears the vest Claire gave her in RE2 later in the game - I POOPED A LITTLE.

>they find Claire - SNAP, CRACKLE AND POP.

>doesnt recognize steve - BUT THEY WILL!

I know some of u might get angry at me for posting this but I warned you with the big title i don't even know if it's true or not I got it from tumblr but the info is quite good that's why I posted it SORRY IF I SPOILED IT FOR YOU LIKE AGAIN I WARNED YOU :(!!!!

[[1]] <-----Link on that number :D

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