This link will pretty much show you the new information about the extra mode and the Ada campaign as we can see the game's gonna be released in 2 months time so I think it is just natural that we are getting a lot of new infos and new gameplays lately but this confirmed that Resident Evil 6 will have a fourth campaign which is the Ada Campaign but in this campaign it is only playable as a single player campaign and Ada will NOT have a partner which means no co-op a lot of people thought that Ada campaign will have a co-op due to a file called "helper" along with Ada is found inside the demo when the geeks cracked it open I guess adding a robot partner for Ada would be a lame move lol I mean Javos I think I can understand why they want to destroy the damn thing but zombies would probably not be interested on a thing that doesn't have a flesh but anyways...I'm still hoping that Adas Campaign would be as long as Leon's Chris's and Jake's campaign but knowing how Seperate Ways played out I don't think the campaign will be as long as their campaign anyways this is a link if you want to read more on the Ada part of the campaign but it will contain SPOILERS I repeat it will contain SPOILERS and lots of em!!

Now the new extra mode will be unlocked after beating all Resident Evil 6 campaign the mode is called "Agent Hunt" in which the players will take control of Human controlled Javo's and players will need to team up and take down the "Human" enemies of course they won't know which one is the human controlled javo to avoid getting piled click on the first link to know more about it. THAT IS ALL! BLAH BLAH BLAH!

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