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  • Fang13

    Hey It's me Fang13 and I'm back on Resident Evil Wiki like long timeno see yeah I've been busy with me and my friends' blog.So anyway that not the point so one of my friends(who is allso on the blog) wants to try to get into the Resident Evil games and so (since I'm a fan of the games) what game he should play frist.My friend has a Wii and a Xbox360 and a 3DS but he doesn't use his Wii anymore.I was going to Resident Evil:Operation Raccoon City since it's non cannon but before I did that I want to see what you guys thought.So any ideas?

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  • Fang13

    Ok I went to a mall on Sunday and I when to it's Game Craze. I had $70 from Chistmas money and using all my mony. (I really only had like 23 cents after I bought everything) So with my $70 Ibought RE0,RE the REmake,RE4,REUC and REDC for the Wii.(they were haveing a buy 4 get 1 free sale)So my question is after I play REmake and RE0 then what game do I play next? Over and out.

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  • Fang13

    Which should I play frist?

    January 20, 2012 by Fang13

    The Chronicle games are remakes of the main games right? So which games should I play frist RE0 and RE1 the remake or REUC and REDC? I you said RE0 and RE1 the remake what version should I play the Gamecube or the Wii version? Over and out. P.S. try to pick to the Easier one because I'm REALLY bad at video games.

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  • Fang13

    I have a quick question

    January 19, 2012 by Fang13

    What Resident Evil should I play frist? I know it's a crime but I never play a Resident Evil game before.It should be easy because I realy bad at video games.Over and out.P.S I the systems I have are as listed:an comptuer that can play games on it .a Wii(It's an older one so I can play Gamecube games on it) and a 3Ds oh and a DSI.

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  • Fang13

    Just because I 'm new to the wiki and the games and I'm really bad at playing video game that's why I made this blog. Over and out.

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