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    I don't know if the new antagonist of the last trailer is she, Ada Wong, but that woman have some similar thinks of our favorite female spy:

    • She knows some thinks about Wesker, and Ada works for Wesker after RE2.
    • She jumps to the fall like Ada in RE4, BUT without her signature hook-gun.
    • If Leon saves her of Chris and his partner, he met her in the past, like Ada in RE2 and RE4.

    But the new antagonist of the series, the unnidentified woman, also has oriental appareance, like Ada and also, the story of RE6 take place in China. Coincidence?

    And one las think... that woman don't wears the red signature color of Ada. I don't know, she remember me the chartacters whos portait Meryl Step in "Devil wears prada".

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  • Fernando.mahuzier.jara

    First to first, there's a list of the official Capcom blog with the original real-life models of the DLC weapons of ORC, for the some users who don't understand:

    Second, ORC didn't include some notable weapons of RE2 and RE3, specialy heavy weapons like rocket launchers and replacing some of the original models of the real life guns with new designs.

    What weapons do you want as a DLC? We know Capcom, is inevitable new DLCs for the game...


    1.- Anti-tank weapon (aka RPG-7)

    2.- Bowgun (aka Crossbow)

    3.- Hancannon (aka S&W M500)

    4.- Six shooter (aka Colt Python)

    5.- Grim Reaper (aka M202A1)

    6.- Militia sniper rifle (aka Dragunov SVD)

    7.- Rocket launcher (aka FIM-92 St…

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  • Fernando.mahuzier.jara

    any of you know about secret or hidden weapons in the game? In addition to thegrenade launcher and the flamethrower.

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  • Fernando.mahuzier.jara

    USA TV Commercial:

    According with Biohazard France, the scene when Mr X enters was taken from the opening of the game

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    I have some theories about the characters in RE6, but a common factor was innevitable: Claire Redfield. Why?

    Leon was her partner in Raccoon City incident and Chris her elder brother and partner during the Antartic Base outbreak. The other two characters are unidentificated yet, but i think this candidates for both if this relation are repeated:

    I don't think if the blond girl is Ashley, cause Capcom confirm the identity of the zombie president and his is not the president Graham. Why Ashley works in a dangerous mission?

    Alex Wesker the mysterious mercenary? Why? If he dissapears before the Spencer's death, why he returns? working as a mercenary before the RE6 events? I think Steve Burnside. His status is unknown yet, he is not dead.

    Both (She…

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