I have some theories about the characters in RE6, but a common factor was innevitable: Claire Redfield. Why?

Leon was her partner in Raccoon City incident and Chris her elder brother and partner during the Antartic Base outbreak. The other two characters are unidentificated yet, but i think this candidates for both if this relation are repeated:


The supossed Steve in Resident Evil 6

I don't think if the blond girl is Ashley, cause Capcom confirm the identity of the zombie president and his is not the president Graham. Why Ashley works in a dangerous mission?

Alex Wesker the mysterious mercenary? Why? If he dissapears before the Spencer's death, why he returns? working as a mercenary before the RE6 events? I think Steve Burnside. His status is unknown yet, he is not dead.

Both (Sherry and Steve) knows Claire in RE2 and RECV, respectly, both has viral agents in his body (G and T-veronica) and like Leon and Chris, both was

Ashley or Sherry?

connected with Claire in the past.

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