Well, i don't think if just six new chapters enters in the annunced DLC pack called Echo Six Pack, of course USS members has yet one aditional costume and eight retail exclusive weapons.

You think if Echo Six also includes a extra costume for each SpecOps, and weapons for thems?

Well, every ones knows about the weapons of the game, despites the hidden and special weapons, but i think if the pack includes another eight weapons like the retail versions, i want:

  1. Steyr AUG A1 (Assault Rifle)
  2. Milkor MGL 104 (Grenade Launcher)
  3. RPG-7/MGL (if one of this didn't included in the final version)
  4. Dragunov SVD (Sniper Rifle)
  5. Bowgun (if this didn't included in the final version)
  6. S&W M500 (if this didn't included in the final version)

Also, the kevlar shield used likely the zombie shield.

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