Well, is so far if we talk about a upgrated version of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, but any Capcom game (Marvel vs Capcom 3, Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5) has one after one years. So, if all the content showed yet is in-game (weapons and multplayer modes), what kind of content fo you want in a upgrated version of the game?

So, this game is very potential to includes as a DLC past-games content (characters, scenarios, weapons) and a great part of this was confirmed. I think the next:

New content:

Heroes/multiplayer mode:

Characters: Chris Redfield, Billy Coen, Steve Burnside, Rebecca Chambers, Jack Krauser, Barry Burton and Albert Wesker, all with two costumes.

Scenarios: Spencer Mansion, Ecliptic Express, Rockfort Island, Antartic Base and Southamerica (DC).


16 new weapons based in classic Resident Evil games includes MRL, Red9, Longbow bowgun, spark shot and mine thrower.

Two new weapons: keblar shield and throwing knifes and axes.

Story mode

New chapters

The mansion incident: controls two teams: Jill with Barry or Chris with Rebecca in the infamous umbrella's mansion with the new ORC gameplay.

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