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  • Forerunner

    The first Resident Evil movie was produced over a five year period between 1997 and 2002, and was one of the more chaotic developments in the franchise's history next to BIOHAZARD 1.5 and the many Resident Evil 4s, going through various directors; producers and writers with or without anything actually being done. Of course, most of you readers would only be familiar with the Paul W.S. Anderson Resident Evil, which was the most hated movie on the Internet from 2000 until its release, where people stopped caring an agreed it was passable (kinda like that other movie...).

    But this article isn't about Anderson's script - oh, no. This is about the other scripts that his beat out.

    Our first script is credited from Alan B. McElroy, who was the first wri…

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  • Forerunner

    Hey, Forerunner here. Today I'd like to talk about the often held belief that Resident Evil CODE:Veronica was the 'real' third game, which I feel should be addressed after an incident on Reddit the other day led to a few of our users getting flamed.

    The basic story is that Capcom was under a contractural obligation to Sony to have three numbered titles on the PlayStation. With the console's reign on the market about to end with the PlayStation 2's approach, Capcom decided that "Resident Evil 3", a game in development for the Dreamcast, would be renamed "Resident Evil CODE:Veronica" and a smaller game in development for the PlayStation be renamed with the '3'.

    The belief is the result of a few of misunderstandings about the series:

    1. There was no …

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  • Forerunner

    As some of the much, much older Resident Evil fans will know, Usenet was the central point of talk of the franchise in the 1990s leading up to about 2002. Fansites weren't so common back then outside of Angelfire (Unless you count Biohazard Extreme), so to most Internet-using fans all they needed was That message board was archived by Google for their Google Groups project, and it looks pretty complete. Below are the things I found while browsing through.

    The original Wesker's Report was written to coincide with the release Resident Evil CODE:Veronica and was a summary of the series at the time. The writer had taken a number of Capcom developers to bars to get them to reveal in-depth knowledge of the series lore, and hu…

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  • Forerunner

    Nineteen years ago this month, Capcom made the "Pure Vanilla Build", which is the basis of most fan mods of BIOHAZARD 1.5.

    According to interviews, Producer Shinji Mikami instructed Director Hideki Kamiya to present him ROMs of BIOHAZARD 2 at the end of the first week of each month so he could review progress. In November of 1996, Mikami played this build and found it to be appalling.

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  • Forerunner

    After reading "who will win" arguments online, I decided to do my own with a popular pairing.

    Stats Proto-Tyrant Chainsaw Man Proto-Tyrant (new stats)
    Health 300 3000-6000 1152
    Weakest attack "Slap" (15) "Swinging" (ID) "Slap" (57.6)
    Strongest attack "Dash attack" (40) "Chainsaw" (ID) "Dash attack" (153.6)


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