Just to confirm what many of you appear to be unaware of, we currently have announced two candidates out of the initial expectated list of five. AlexShepherd, an administrator on several other wikis who has been helping out since 2009, appears to have validated his RfA by adding to it rather than turning down the opportunity in the assigned section. The second candidate, NT92, has shown maturity above many others and is becoming more and more experienced as he edits. He currently has not validated his RfA, yet.

There voting pages can be found here</s> and here.

I'll just go through the ground rules and our expectations.

  1. The electorate... can only vote if they have been here for more than ninty days.
  2. ... Must have made at least fifty mainspace edits, which can be seen through Special:Editcount.
  3. ... Must have no previous blocks for sockpuppeteering.
  4. ... Must vote before the end of the voting period of one month.

Likewise, the candidate must:

  1. Have more than 500 edits to his or her name.
  2. Have been on this wiki for no less than ninety days.
  3. Have no previous blocks for harrassment; general-vandalism; sockpuppeteering for malicious intent, or abusing privilages - eg. perma-banning people based on religous/political views or for arguments that do not brake rules.
  4. Nominate him or herself - only a user fitting the same expectations as the electorate may do so.

The candidate can only win if:

  1. He or she has a definitive majority in the election, with at least five 'support' for every 'oppose' (10-2; 15-3, etc.)
  2. He or she has ten or more votes under 'support'. A low-turnout does not represent the will of the people.

We still have another three candidates, so if you see anyone mature who joined before the end of May, 2011, you might want to consider them. I shall use this blog to answer any other questions you have regarding what to do when voting. And, please, if you are an eligible voter, try to vote - if you are unsure, you can always vote under "neutral" until your opinion is made, to confirm that other people are interested, and hopefully bring in more voters.

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