After the creation of Template:Administration, a number of users have brought forward a number of questions regarding elements of the administration - namely, "who is 'X'?" and "why is he an admin when he doesn't edit?"

Below are the guys of yesteryear who many of you have never heard of:

User Current rights Last edit date Comments
Captain-poison Bureaucrat June 15, 2007 Notified me via MSN if someone had vandalised the wiki; didn't like editing, himself.
GunFreak SysOp September 16, 2011 Only ten edits in 2011, moved to Project Umbrella to be a weapons tech. advisor.
Maverick King Bureaucrat
June 26, 2009 Was active on the wiki before I became an administrator; had a lifestyle conflicting with his online-time.
Re4leonscottkennedy Bureaucrat
September 2009 Banned across Wikia for some unknown reason.
Res.evil guy Bureaucrat Never edited Based on the lack of any prior mention in the user rights log, he was granted this power when the wiki was founded in 2006.
Warsman11 Bureaucrat September 23, 2006 (excluding brief communication on his user talk page) Admin from March 2006, granted by Angela.

It was also brought forward today that these former members of the administration loose their abilities to complete their retirement. After having a look a the Help Wiki, I must first bring this up to the wiki - I assume it's to avoid any cloak-and-daggers conspiracies whereby one user removes potential political threats.

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