Yes. This is our official logo, still.

In recent weeks we've been having offers by users to change the wiki's logo and banner. So, I've decided to do it like we did back in 2007 when a user offered a replacement; we're holding it up to the community. And yes, the banner and logo have to be different files. It's because of fixed-dimensions that the Monobook and Oasis skins use, meaning that using the same one twice would look ugly or create problems for the page.

Bingbangpoe's concept
  • banner idea - the 'RESIDENT EVIL' writing-style akin to the live-action films, like our current banner. Rather than Umbrella Chronicle's Rebecca Chambers in front of the Umbrella Corporation logo, this banner simply contains the international logo on biohazardous substances - the BIOHAZARD logo. I think this logo makes an appearance in pretty much all games.
  • logo idea - a similar overall concept, though more compressed on the X-axis with a background displaying faded green orbs, which somewhat reminds me of that opening cutscene to Resident Evil Outbreak.

This blog will be updated when new concepts are sent in

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