Hi. I'm examining more of the optional Wikia updates, and would like the user population to evaluate them before we can judge whether or not to keep them (It's much more likely to draw attention than a discussion beforehand). Currently, I am testing out the Navbar, features can be listed here.

Pre-update format

Five "level 1 menus" (Games; Films; Novels; Main content; Toolbox). Five "level 2 menus" (opening one of the first five menus opened a drop-box) listing up to seven links.

Post-update format

Six "level 1 menus" ("On the Wiki" now added), six "level 2 menus" (hovering over a "level 1 menu" now generates a horizontal "level 2 menu" beneath it) displaying up to seven links. Each level 2 link can be converted into a "level 3 menu" that will list up to ten more links.


Good points

  • We have more links, allowing us to list more games in the games menu.
  • The chat feature can be accessed through the "On the Wiki" menu, meaning that you can now access it just about everywhere, rather than going to the Wiki Activity menu.

Bad points

  • There are currently some bugs on other wikis involving the removal of the search box; this bug will be fixed soon, allowing everyone access to searching.

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