With the Resident Evil Wiki ever expanding and a potentially-large influx of new users arriving with new releases this and next year, it is becoming evident that we need more administrators. I am using this blog to assess as to how many administrators the community believes are required to handle the situation. Further, I would like to lay-down the desired characteristics that I am seeking for: The candidate has been present for at least three-months and showed themselves to be able to handle a situation and voice their opinions without descending to Reductio ad Hitlerum and Godwin's Law of Nazi Analogies. The candidate has shown that he/she has an in-depth knowledge of either of the three major Resident Evil universes (that is, the games; live-action films and S.D. Perry novels) but is also willing to note inaccuracies without fanwanking (that is, admitting that something could be a mistake rather than coming up with an elaborate theory and marking it as a fact). Users with experience as administrators on other wikis are desirable though otherwise not limited to.

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