Note: I already said it was activated.

Hi, all. I'm considering filing two requests to Wikia to add new namespaces for us. Please comment on this blog as proof that people have actually read it; Wikia won't do this for us without proof that you support it.


With the "Walkthrough" namespace, we can better handle our walkthrough guides. Searching through Special:Allpages, for example, would allow the user to see every Walkthrough page available. You wouldn't have to do a search for all usages of the word "walkthrough" that may or may not be Walkthrough pages. The discussion namespace would be "Walkthrough talk:" - eg "Walkthrough talk:Resident Evil Survivor" as opposed to the current, pre-namespace "Talk:Walkthrough: Resident Evil Survivor". Also, activating the namespace would mean that having a space between "Walkthrough:" and the game's name would no longer effect the search (if you drop the underscore from the URL, the page doesn't exist).

Of course, we'll have to move our current walkthrough pages to something else while Wikia staff begin the process; it's a standard action that helps avoid glitches. I will be the one who moves those articles if the consensus passes.

==Portal ==

The "Portal" namespace would be a non-content namespace, meaning that our article count won't jump up when we add portals. The portal would be an overall directory for information regarding a particular game. We currently have one at Portal:Resident Evil 4. Of course, if this consensus passes, I'll have to temporarily rename it to "Resident Evil Wiki:RE4 Portal".

(Edit: Turns out that namespace has been active for a while, now. We'll just concentrate onWalkthrough:, then).

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