In order to work out which game is the most popular among the wiki community, January will play host to a ratings board. Users will rate as many games as they want based on how good/bad they thought it was in a particular category.

Ratings will be given as "stars".
Star fullStar empty.pngStar empty.pngStar empty.pngStar empty.png - Terrible
Star fullStar full.pngStar empty.pngStar empty.pngStar empty.png - Poor
Star fullStar full.pngStar full.pngStar empty.pngStar empty.png - Average
Star fullStar full.pngStar full.pngStar full.pngStar empty.png - Good
Star fullStar full.pngStar full.pngStar full.pngStar full.png - Excellent

The categories that each user will rate are as follows:

  • Gameplay
  • Plot (including backstory)
  • Replay value

Based on this method, the lowest possible score is a 3, while the highest is a 15. As more and more people vote, the overall community rating for the game will change, whether for better or worse.

Eligible games

The following games are part of the game, and will link to their respective voting pages:


  • Eligible voters will be users who have been present on the wiki at least 31 days prior to voting.
  • Users must be logged in when casting their votes.
  • Users can rate as many games as they'd like.
  • The event will end at 00:00 UTC-0 on February 1 (20:00 on January 31, New York time). Any subsequent ratings will be ignored.