As a number of you have pointed out before, there is controversy regarding the current 19-member ChatMod agency. Among these criticisms is the number of mainspace edits made by the users, along with claims that several were empowered for 'being bronies' or just 'being there'. To make things fair, I feel we should install our own People's Commissariat for Chat Moderation (working title) as a committee whereby the promotion and demotion of users on Special:Chat will be put into question based around a number of specific qualities:

  1. Is the user active on the wiki?
    1. If so, how long has the user edited?
    2. How many mainspace edits are attributed to this user? Do they have at least 100?
  2. Is the user active on Chat?
    1. How long has the user been active here?
    2. Does the user follow the Chat rules detailed here?

I shall await your comments before continuing with the Chatmod purge, which has started to gain attention.

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