It has come to my attention that a number of users have become disenfranchised by the Achievements system which we installed last year. One of the causes was the recent high-profile incident whereby Sieglinder made well over one hundred (137, I think) edits to Grenade Round in just a few hours, adding a paragraph one character at a time (with independent edits for adding in the spaces, no doubt). It took that many edits to come up with:

  • This is the easier ways to get special grenade rounds. You don't have to use so much Gunpowder C to make Grenade Rounds, you can just use those Grenade Rounds you found during the game.

There have also been a number of cases whereby users prefer to upload duplicate images (albeit, higher-quality) rather than going through the re-upload process via the original's file page. The difference between actions is that one gives you points and the other does not. Further, there have been cases of users actually replacing images with identical versions, simply for the sake of getting points.

Finally, we come to trivia. With the removal of Achievements, we will do a lot better with De-trivialization, especially as users won't get any points out of adding "it is a gun" as trivia.

Rest assured that I have tested the removal process on Dino Crisis Wiki. If the system is disabled and you guys later change your minds, you should get you awards back.

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