The story revolves around two government agents - one representing the United States of America, the other the People's Republic of China, who are tasked with stopping terrorist Morpheus D. Duvall from holding the world at ransom for $5 billion - if neither the US nor China pays up, he will release the virus into their respective territories.

Capcom's attempt to expand the universe on this occasion, I think, was a great idea. I enjoyed how strong the Umbrella Corporation was portrayed, which went on into later games - despite public knowledge of the t-virus and Umbrella's involvement, they continue to make business ventures.


The game mechanics worked essentially the same as Resident Evil 4, minus the interactive cutscenes. Morpheus and Fong Ling are controlled primarily in the over-the-shoulder variation of the third-person camera perspective, though shooting changes the view to a first-person angle. When too close to the wall, the camera may be forced forward and cut straight through the player's character model - this was likely designed to stop players from being attacked from the front while trying to fix the camera angle.


Despite what you may have expected, there are a few scares in this game - mostly from the unpredictable zombie behavior. One moment you're walking down a seemingly-empty corridor, the next a zombie falls to the ground near you and prepares its attack. Walking through the "Guest Room" on 1F, you have zombies on both sides of the room: going to the other end to find cover just means that the zombies have a different way to get you. Sometimes you'd find that people had hung themselves in an attempt to escape the horror and not turn into a zombie. Moving slightly could lead to the rope snapping and their return to life.


The seemingly-unpredicable zombie behavior was quite well-done; as was Capcom's attempt to throw the enemy at you from all angles while avoiding the "Action/Horror" sub-genre like Resident Evil 4.


I felt that the subtitles were sub-par - many of them had little (if at all) involvement with what was being said. When Morpheus infects himself, he says something along the lines of "I won't ley you take this away from he", but the subtitle reads "Bastard! Die!"


Despite some admittably cheesy moments in the story and the afore-mentioned subtitles problem, I would recommend this game for fans who enjoy the series' storyline rather than just gameplay. I give it the rating of Star fullStar full.pngStar full.pngStar empty.pngStar empty.png