Resident evil 7 crap

"To be or not to be." Definitely not.

Okay, NOW we're seeing rumours spreading around about Resident Evil 7 being in development, but we want you to remain skeptical. Terrible... Terrible rumours, which have been building up to and well past E3.


Argument: Christian Svennsen confirmed it

Tamio Oda

Why don't you talk to this Vice President?

My first problem was that such news stories originated from sites like, an automobiles and consumer electronics website, which isn't exactly a giant in the gaming world. But, I'll let the whole "IGN and Gamespot haven't caught on" go aside when seeing their source material: recently-retired company vice-resident, Christian Svensson.

Why Svensson, you might ask? Svensson worked for Capcom USA, whose only relationship with Capcom Japan (who develop the franchise's games) is that they hold patent rights in the United States and help Capcom Co., Ltd. publish the game. This also explains why he seems to thinks that Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was another Capcom Japan game, rather than a predominatly-Slant Six work with Capcom overseeing. He wasn't on the Capcom Japan board and so shouldn't have been aware of their decision-making. Executive Vice President Tamio Oda would be a much better source. Granted they only got to Svensson because he was at the DICE Summit on electronics, but still.

My next problem is with their reaction to the transcript. Why? Honestly... he doesn't talk about Resident Evil 7. There are only three mentions in the story, and all are from the journalist talking about it. Stuff like "[he] hinted at things we might see in Resident Evil 7" are really just weasel words when all he talks about in the transcript is that Resident Evil 6 didn't do as well as hoped and that a lot of fans wanted a less action-focused title.

So... all the "hint" was was that if Resident Evil 7 was developed, Capcom Japan would think twice about adding in driving. What a pointless article; I'm ashamed I had to write this report dismantling it.

Argument: We've been told what the features are

Now, let's look at bubblews' article from June 17. This says that the game will have all these amazing things, such as setting the game partly in the Spencer Mansion and featuring Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine. These are rather interesting concepts, and the list continues with so many ideas that happen to be spread all over the Capcom Unity board. Now, the most interesting claim is that Resident Evil 7 was in production alongside Resident Evil 6 as a next-gen console game to be released just after Resident Evil 6 (despite two of the next-gen consoles it is said to be for being planned for release nearly two years after). The news "story" then says that Capcom planned to annualise its games, which is incorrect. Nothing came out in 2010; Mercenaries 3D 2011; ORC, Rev and RE6 in 2012. Anything else was a mobile phone game or a re-publishing.

Argument: The game's cover has been leaked

This took a long time to get through to... Basically, Gaming Enthusiast showed the game box in their May article. They used Boxden as a source, who in turn used a forum post as their source, entitled "CONFIRMED: Resident Evil 7 for E3 2013", which used a [bullshit] source named "Adam Wilde" in a claim that the game was being revealed at E3 and that this email had been leaked.

Also... has anyone noticed that the logo is suspiciously similar to the Resident Evil 6 logo? Gaming Enthusiast claimed that it's because they're closely-related, something their source material said nothing about.

Summary chart

Claim Earliest source Status Reason/comments
Resident Evil 7 box-art confirmed! Bullshit All the sources lead back to this forum post at the earliest, which claims the game will be revealed at E3, which it wasn't.
It's being announced at E3 2013! Bullshit I didn't see it at E3 2013.
It's being announed at TGS 2013! Bubblews Capcom revealed their TGS 2013 lineup in June. No mention of RE7, though there is a "big surprise".
Christian Svennson confirmed it Autoomobile Bullshit Christian Svennson talks about how Resident Evil 6 didn't do as well as planned and that future titles would have to do things different. As a former Capcom USA employee, he is not connected with Capcom Japan's productions.
Capcom's releasing the games once per year, so it's logical Bullshit Ignoring re-ports and mobile games, they've only been released "annually" between 2011 and 2012. That's not very impressive

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