Revelations 2 fake poster

How come no major publication reports about you?

Recently, the self-described online Survival Horror magazine, Rely on Horror released a speculative article entitled, "Why Resident Evil Revelations 2 should star Claire". A number of other websites, in response to an earlier rumour of a "Revelations 2" also made similar posts. The whole thing, we believe, is a canard, and we'll explain below why we won't accept article edits that support it.

Analysis of rumour claims

Here we'll describe how reHorror and other websites use particular buzz words.

Masachika Kawata

  • Claim: Masachika Kawata is making/is interested in making a sequel to Revelations
  • Research: It has been stated on a number of websites that Masachika Kawata told IGN in a recent interview that he wants to make a sequel to Revelations. A brief search on Google for mentions of "Masachika Kawata" and "IGN" yields nothing relevant. The idea of a "recent interview" must be a very big stretch, if there is one at all. And yet, moving away to other websites, they declare rather clearly that IGN has just had such an interview. Yesterday's article on "pure news" also reports on the rumour. As expected, rely-on-horror made their own news piece on this. And, as you'd expect - they failed to provide a direct source to this alleged interview, but has apparently "gone on record". Their own source is a gamepur article which claims there's an IGN article on it. And, as you'd expect - no IGN source is provided.
  • Conclusion: Unsubstantiated rumour; websites postulating the rumour have failed repeatedly to prove the interview's existence. From the looks of it, the interview may not exist at all and these websites are taking advantage of each other's disregard for suitable sources.

  • Claim The game must exist. The logo is there.
  • Research: Once again, these websites have failed to provide evidence of the logo's legitimacy. Of the few websites that do offer a source, those sites just say it's a rumour and might or might not exist.
  • Conclusion: Unsubstantiated rumour. Especially after the accusations that rely-on-horror manufactured the "Resident Evil 6 leak" of 2011 (unrelated to the January 2012 leak, which was real). reHorror showing off edited versions of Darkside Chronicles screenshots in their article doesn't help much, either.

It has Claire in

  • Claim: The logo's colour is in red. Claire Redfield wears red. The first Revelations was blue; Jill's colour.
  • Research: The series logo has traditionally been red. In fact, a large number of titles use red in their logo.
  • Conclusion: Definitely unsubstantiated since the "original" rumour was simply that there was a Revelations 2. Rumours of it featuring Claire have been clearly worded by reHorror as their own speculation.

It's been rumoured for a long time

  • Claim: Resident Evil: Downfall has been rumoured for a while. This must be it.
  • Research: Resident Evil: Downfall was never confirmed by Capcom and died a year ago as an unsubstantiated rumour.
  • Conclusion: Attempt to bring back an old rumour. Since that one featured Claire, it was evidently recycled for reHorror's speculative piece.

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