So, you decided to download the AutoWikiBrowser for a better and faster editing experience. Good choice.

Step 1: UI

Step 1 is pretty simple: just open up the program and examine it. Look at the UI to see what we're dealing with.

AutoWikiBrowser tutorial - part 1a


Below that eyesore is the same image, but with red rings around the things you'll actually USE.

AutoWikiBrowser tutorial - part 1b

Step 2: Finding the Wiki

Yeah, pretty complicated at first. Now, the default wiki is Wikipedia, so we'll need to find US.

Step 2 is to go into the "Options" menu and open up "Preferences". This little window isn't as complicated. Simply move into the "Site" tab and replace the "Project" box with "Wikia". Then add in the site's url ("residentevil") into the box just underneath. By clicking "OK", you are now focused on the right website.

Step 3: Logging in

Now that you're on Wikia, you can log in through a Wikia account. Had you tried to log in at the beginning, you'd have had to use a Wikipedia one. Go into the "File" menu and click "Log in/Profiles" - or alternatively press CTRL+L.

Now you have the window opened, enter the Wikia username and password of your main account or bot (depending on who you want to edit as). If that worked, you should see your username in the list; log in as that name by double-clicking on the field entry.

Step 4: Generating pages (random)

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to log in as 'ForeBot' due to a password problem. I'm editing as my normal account, instead. They work the same way since 'ForeBot' is also a SysOp. Now, go to the Source menu and look for "Random pages"; this is a good place to start off. Clicking on the "Make list" button just below will generate 20 random articles fore you to investigate. As you can see, we now have the "Start" tab open in the middle of the page. Click on the "Start" button right above the "Stop" to start up the investigation.

In our first article to review, we encounter an error. The phrase "Resident Evil 4" starts in italics, but doesn't end with them. In this screenprint I've highlighted the problem. To fix this error, just add the '' after the 4. The rest of the page looks fine, so let's click "Save".

Our next article is "Zombie Rain". I'm not seeing anything we need to change, so I'll ignore it by clicking "Skip" (just above "Start").

Step 5: Automatic changes

In Step 5, we will deal with programming AWB to make changes for you. In this example, we will deal with "Voice actors", a template that we no longer use. We are to replace all instances of this template with a more appropriate one. I am to go through all the Resident Evil 6 voice actors we have listed on Template:Resident Evil 6 voice actors and replace that template with the appropriate one. On the "Links on page" menu option, type down the name of the template to generate the list.

Now we've got the list, press 'Start' to have a look through them. In the first article, "Chris Emerson", the page itself doesn't even use a template, but we'll go into "Normal settings" anyway. Up at the top is an example of an automated change - AWB hates "th". If you double click on that particular "Your text" entry, it will be reverted.

In the "Normal settings" window, type down the change you want to make. In this example, we're telling it to replace all instances of "{{Voice actors}}" with "{{Resident Evil 6 voice actors}}". Click "OK" and it will close. If you click the "X" button, it will not save your additions/deletions. If you click "Clear" to wipe your entries, you should also click "OK" to avoid it being reverted.

Now let's edit "Chris Emerson" again. Since he never had that first template to begin with, we're having to just paste it in instead as shown in "5c". I'll click "Save" and go to the next page.

I finally got to "Laura Bailey" when the template was found and replaced. However, she had appeared in multiple titles, so I replaced it with a different template. In image "5d", you can see the automatic change shown at the top, compared with what I replaced that text with.

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