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Staff Blog 14 January, 2014

Forerunner January 14, 2014 User blog:Forerunner

Cue, yet another Staff Blog. As a major piece of news, we're tagging very small articles with the {{Stub}} template to highlight that fact. In related news, we found a number of character articles which lack Infoboxes - they can be found here. In case you're wondering about the article counter dropping down: we found quite a few duplicates along the way.

BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.46 - pages 20 and 21

In the above image, we see G-zombies literally tear apart the defenders of a military base, during an attack launched by the G-Virus infected bioterrorist, Reform.

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  • The "Hand Cannon" article is a recreation of one lost to an unwise IMFDb merger back in 2009

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