King's Foundation - Hitler

One of the highlights of the past week was the creation of the 'Hitler' page.

Forerunner here, giving you the weekly report summating what happened last week. We've since completed our Resident Evil Zero "room" page creations, and continued on to make guides for these rooms. An example of this is "Pantry", where we have sourced each item, its quantity and difficulty mode. There's also a list of 'Examines' to help with the room's description.

Along with that is the creation of the "Hitler" article, brought upon by the increasingly-ludicrous BIO HAZARD 2 manhua revealing that an ancient civilization prophesised his role in the Second World War (given the tank in the background) - Leon identifies him by name.

Notable new articles

Site updates in brief

  • A new user, Marcos Olivari Aylas, made updates to our articles on Marhawa Desire to keep us up to date with its plot developments.
  • Three new manhua synopses were written.
  • An article on Hitler had to be made thanks to his appearance in the BIO HAZARD 2 manhua.
  • Two new game articles were written.
  • A documentary film was added.