Hey. Forerunner, here for another weekly summary of events.


It's been quiet this week, though we've been reading up on quite a few complaints on the Resident Evil 4 PC port. It seems the game's specs are different from what many customers thought, and found their aging hardware was unable to play the game even with Windows 7 installed. These faults are mostly associated with lagging gameplay, cutscenes being out of synch and large rooms in "HD" not even loading past a certain distance.

An hypothesis presented by Glitchhunter09 was that the computers required for the game needed quadcore microprocessors (the reputable "i5" being available in computers made since September 2009), though it was later debunked when other people were asked.

Meanwhile, we published an information blog to assist people with their editing. If you can never find anything to edit, be sure to check it out for tips.

Featured image

Isaacs Dr

Our first Featured Image from the Anderson universe. This is a scene from Resident Evil: Extinction, where Albert Wesker monitors Dr. Sam Isaacs' mutation. If you look carefully at the screen, you'll see that the production team accidentally made his name "Dr. J. Isaacs". Either that or 'Sam' was actually taken from the novels.

Wiki updates

Notable new articles

Updates in brief

  • expanded a few Outbreak Special Item pages.
  • Since the "Unsure what to edit" blog was published, we've noticed an increase in the categorisations made by users.

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