This blog is a little late, so apologies made. Over the past week, we went through considerable Stub-tagging, and a number of articles were expanded as a result - Dr. Alan Erdot, for example, increased in size by 600 bytes.

Biohazard 0 VOL.4 - pages 30 and 31

Those are the "kinky girls", from the biohazard 0 manhua. That whole six-part series is a complete disaster. It's an adaptation of biohazard 0 without Dr. Marcus or leeches, and features Billy Coen as Ki-using cannibal (and apparently a childhood sweetheart of Lisa Trevor). It would appear that the entire series was made by SkyWalker without actually playing the game. Maybe all they knew about biohazard 0 came from the 1999 demo to the scrapped N64 version.

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Site updates in brief
  • We found an Outbreak file that we didn't have an article on, before.'
  • Regards to Glitchhunter for finding stats on the "File #3" character with his GameShark.

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