Hey, Forerunner here, giving you the weekly roundup of February 19th and after. Over the past week, Wikia went through a lot of bug-squashing, leaving Chat routinely down. You had to hard-refresh to see the comments you posted, and images rarely successfully uploaded. Dark times.

Regardless of that, we succeeded in compiling a RIDICICULOUS list of Wikia-forks and alternate language editions of this wiki (and their own wikia-forks). Resident Evil Wiki:Other editions lists Two-Hundred-and-Seven wikis other than our own. We discovered the only Catalan; Czech; Finnish and Indonesian editions (which we intend to establish a link with via L'Internationale). There's also a Farsi (Iranian) edition which the founder mistakenly set up as an English site.

Hospital background - R40205

In the above featured image, we see a pre-rendered background for the hospital lobby in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. If you focus on the board, you will see posters for the then-upcoming Dino Crisis.

Notable new articles

Updates in brief
  • Glitchhunter09 upload another crate-load of GameSharked "File #3" Outbreak characters.
  • The Resident Evil Orchestra article was re-worked, with the spellings of the piece names changed to reflect their appearance in the booklet.
  • As a result of the discovery of other wikis, we've remodelled Template:Internationale to only list those we are in the Internationale with - it increased too much.
  • The social network buttons have been rendered their natural colour so they're easier to see.

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