Forerunner, here. Apologies for the lack of a Staff Blog last Tuesday - the SysOp assigned to write it pulled out at the last moment and we had no one left to write it. In response to that, this blog will encompass the last two weeks, instead. Since we activated the 'Article Comments' feature, we've seen IP users using it to ask questions about the article - good to see proper use for them. I hope they become more common.

BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.38 - pages 28 and 29

The most notable image added since the last Blog.

Yeah, as you can see above, that's "Leon Scoot Kennedy" saving his friends, and getting ready to fight a dragon. That same manhua issue also introduced weird Orc-like things that are apparently wild boars.

Notable new articles

Site updates in brief

  • Since Saturday, I began adding in notes from the Umbrella Conspiracy novel, which I had been writing down for a week. I had to split the Cider and Cedar articles thanks to this accumilation. I also finished Barry Burton's WildStorm biography, which was empty last week.
  • continued his work in adding to room articles, adding information from the 2002 REmake.
  • A big thanks is also in order for IP users and (possibly the same person) for adding in the Original Script to a number of Darkside Chronicles file transcripts.
  • ParallelTraveler added in each and every screenshot of the Passenger's Diary file from Resident Evil Zero.

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