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BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.60 - page 35

Seen above is this week's Featured Image. Taken from BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.60, it ends the unnecessarily-long series by having God; Leon; Sherry and every other magical being (bar Leon's dad) ascend into Heaven along with the G-Virus (no word on the t-Virus). Claire; Chris and Leon's dad celebrate in a campy display of delight as a rainbow appears as a sign of... something. This must be the worst Bible adaptation of all time...

Notable new articles

Updates in brief

  • Big thanks to Setsuna0037 for uploading page scans from Apple Seed to confirm that the BIO HAZARD 2 manhua does indeed rip it off in places.
  • We now have three Drama Album CDs as plot citations, so Forerunner was able to expand on the 'cast' lists.
  • The administration added in the new "VisualEditor" editing tool - feedback can be given here
  • Forerunner requested the "bot" flag earlier; voting takes place here (must be signed in)

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