I'd just like to make a note about the differences between colloquial usage of the word "trivia" and the wiki equivalent.

Colloquially, "trivia" refers to generic information relating to anything, and is generally a minor note that may be used in summation. On wikis, "trivia" or "note" sections list information deemed important enough to deserve a mention, but cannot be adequately placed into a specific section of the article.

Here is an example of "trivial trivia": "In Claire's B scenario, She was not impregnated by the G-virus." - the Sherry Birkin article already has a section relating to the events of Claire's "B" game, which points out that she does not become a host. Therefore, this note is unnecessary, as it refers to information that is already present.

Furthermore, I have seen that people are taking advantage of these sections as an easy way of earning points - again, this can be seen in the above example, which is only partially correct. Elsewhere we have notes like "The blonde woman shown in the trailer of Resident Evil 6 was believed to have been Sherry. This however is proven to be false." - this is uncited; where has it been confirmed that the woman wasn't Sherry?

Please take your time reading the trivia sections and remove unnecessary "trivial trivia" from the wiki. Good day.

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