We've noticed a few newbies and oldies alike who say they don't edit often because they can't find anything to edit. I've made this Blog to help those people out.



An example of a tagged stub page

Stubs are short articles; on this wiki, below 500 bytes in size. Wiki pages below 300 bytes in size have a habit of messing up the article counter, so it's best that we improve them. You can find the general overview category here. As you can see on the Stubs category, many reports are divided into themed subcategories (eg. "Character-related stubs"; "Item-related stubs"). This way, you can concentrate on things you might have a better chance of knowing.

To check if a page is no longer a stub, check its History report, which you can find on the drop-down menu next to the big "Edit" button at the top of the page. If it's above 500 bytes (subtract the value of the characters that make up the stub reports - {{Stub}} makes eight), then you can remove the template completely.

Uncategorized pages



Uncategorized Pages can be found at Special:Uncategorizedpages. If you can't think of a category to put them under, simply add {{Uncategorized}}.

In the example on the right, you can see that there are no categories listed on the article, so we can put the template in.

In the case that someone already added the template earlier, then the article will no longer appear on that list. Instead, you'd find them at Category:Uncategorized pages.

Unused files

The Unused Files are images and videos that no page (article or userpage, alike) are using. They may be liable for deletion, so it's best you find some way of using it before it goes in the bin. They can be found here.

Wanted Pages

The olde WantedPages is where red-links - hyperlinks that link to nonexistent pages - are listed. You can either create the article, make it a redirect to something, or unlink it from all pages that do so. The WP can be found here.

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