After reading "who will win" arguments online, I decided to do my own with a popular pairing.


Stats Proto-Tyrant Chainsaw Man Proto-Tyrant (new stats)
Health 300 3000-6000 1152
Weakest attack "Slap" (15) "Swinging" (ID) "Slap" (57.6)
Strongest attack "Dash attack" (40) "Chainsaw" (ID) "Dash attack" (153.6)


Since Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil 4 have different methods of calculating hitpoints, we'll have to convert our figures. I do this by basing it on the player character's health. Billy Coen has a health value in his game of 250.[1] Leon starts Resident Evil 4 at 960hp on Normal Mode, which I think is a decent measure (no modifying through Yellow Herbs; no special modes) - that means RE0 values have to be multiplied by 3.84 to reach this set parameter.

Now, let's modify the Proto-Tyrant's stats.300 \times 3.84=1152 That means that the weakest of Chainsaw Men is 260% stronger than the Proto-Tyrant.

Now it's clear the Chainsaw Man is stronger, let's instead check the fighting moves. Chainsaw Man's attacks are all Instant Death moves, but for the sake of being 'fair' we'll replace their "Infinite" value with our chosen Leon value of 960. Proto-Tyrant's weakest attack, the "Slap", is at 15 in RE0. 15 \times 3.84=57.6 OK; that attack doesn't do much against the Chainsaw Man (nor against Leon and Billy, really). Now let's check the "Dash attack". 40 \times 3.84=153.6 That means even Proto-Tyrant's most powerful attack needs to be performed 19.5 times to defeat the weakest Chainsaw Man.


Chainsaw Man will win easily. Its health is more than twice as high, and its attacks will deal devastating blows. 1152 - 960=192.


  1. Hamamura (ed.), biohazard 0 KAITAISHINSHO, p.024

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