"I think, when one has been angry for a very long time, one gets used to it. And it becomes comfortable old leather. And finally... it becomes so familiar that one can't remember feeling any other way. "
— Captain Jean-Luc Picard, "The Wounded" 150px-Picard2379.jpg

Capcom-hating is to attack the business practices of Capcom Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries, regardless of the legitimacy of such attacks. Many involve such buzzwords or buzz-phrases as "hates their fans". Here are the arguments I find most annoying, and my explanations.

Arguments I dislike

Scanners exploding head scene

"Steam has lowered the price of some Capcom games to celebrate Capcom's 30th anniversary. Capcom hates their fans because they haven't lowered the price on PSN!"

I dislike this argument because it suggests that third-party sellers cannot lower the price of games, themselves and that Capcom has an ulterior motive behind other third-party sellers not doing the same. In reality, it is up to the third-party seller to give a price to the customer. While there is a general price range, they can fluctuate between stores, though are usually fixed for the sake of fair competition. When you see a price drop for a sale, that's the result of the third-party seller lowering the profit they are making for individual 'units'.

"Capcom hasn't remade X-game. The entire franchise is going down the drain because they aren't bothering to save it / they hate their fans."

Modern Warfare - Battlefield comparison

There's a reason why they were designed the same way.

Big-time game developers don't spontaneously create new games. It takes time, and must require shareholder approval. After all, it's their money which is funding the game's development - if the game fails, their investment is gone and they'll leave the company. Because of this risk, a lot of big developers are actually restricted in ideas, having to develop games that they know should be successful because it's already been done. For example, the Kill-Cam feature was popular in Call of Duty, therefore Microsoft shareholders won't have a problem with 343i using it in Halo 4, since it sells. The upper market is largely based, therefore, on sharing the same ideas around. This is, of course, also connected to why Indie games have proven to be popular for their originality - because they're not restricted like Capcom is.
Simply remaking a game can be a risky venture. You'll be looking into a game that could be five or ten years old, and the industry (and the average gamer's likes) may have changed wildly since then. A 'scene-by-scene remake', while enjoyable to those who like nostalgia, might not sell well if it doesn't take advantage of new features. For example, Microsoft promised that every Xbox game would have some degree of LIVE-usage, so a remake of Resident Evil 2 would require a feature not in the original game, whether it be DLC costumes or downloading features that were exclusive to individual ports of the game.

"The series has to stick to Survival Horror or it will die / Capcom hates their fans because they won't change the genre back."

Again, the genre change is due to the increasing interest in 'Action' and gameplay features in games (say, Quick Time Events), along with the constant complaints of tank controls and puzzles. Heck, even look at early IGN reviews for the franchise - you find comments such as puzzles being boring and repetitive, or even claims that they exist solely to make the game longer.
Moving back, we can see that the earlier games were criticised for the very concepts that nostalgic fans admired, forcing the series to continue adding in more Action to fill the gap. Another problem again related to shareholders. Pure survival horror has never been a particularly popular market - there's more interest for Halo; Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty than there is for Resident Evil and Silent Hill, hence why such games have to add in more Action to seem more appealing.

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