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Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X video game

Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X: Should it be ported?

For many months I had been looking for the classic Resident Evil, Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X for the gamecube. I have a Wii and not a PS3 or XBOX360, so I couldn't get RE5, and gamecube games can play on the Wii. Well, I finally obtained the classic game... for a price on the internet.... $50.

Really? $50 for a video game? That seems pretty ridiculous (good thing my dad bought the game not me!).

Honestly, this makes me feel ripped off. To solve this problem, why don't CAPCOM make a ported version of RECVX like they had done for RE0, REmake, and RE4?

Some people say: Well, they can't port it because the graphics are bad!!

My answer: I don't care! A classic game can have the worst graphics ever! It's the story that counts!

SPS: No one would buy it.

MY: Really? If people are willing to pay $50-$150 on amazon and ebay for this game for gmecube and tey own a Wii, I think they'll be willing to pay $20-$30 for a Wii vresion.

SPS: It sucks.

MA: You suck then!

The point is: Since RE5 is for PS3 and XBOX360, why not have a game that Wii owners who are fans of RE but can't get a PS# or a XBOX360 will love: Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X Wii Version.

Leave comments below if you think Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X should be proted to Wii (and PS3 and XBOX360 as well).


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