Why Is New Resident Evil Games Never on Wii?

Yeah, now I'm starting to get mad.

I love RE, ever since I was 5 years old, I played the game. Now, all these new ones are coming out, like, RE5 and Operation Raccoon City. Why is it always PS3 and XBox360 that get the games? Why do they're players get the satisfaction of playing these new games? I honestly don't feel like buying a whole new system just to continue my gamer passion.

Sure, Wii has Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles and is only for Wii, but I think we Wii players deserve to be able to have the same gaming opritunities as the other platforms. I think I can play RE5 on Wii like I can RE4, and same goes for Operation Raccoon City. That's why Wii has the special controllers that connect to the Wiimote and even has the capability to have a Gamecube contoller to make those kind of games with tank controlls much easier.

Yes, Nintendo is known for being a "Family Game Console" type of thing and blah blah blah. If that is the case, why do they even have Resident Evil in their gaming collection at all? I mean, the games are still rated M and there is still blood and gore and violence and even cussing. I mean, for crying out loud, they even have SILENT HILL on Wii and that's a very horrifying game as well as Dead Space that's now available on Wii.

Seriously, if they already have Resident Evil in their gaming collection, why can't games like RE5 and Operation Raccoon City be available to us Wii players?

Please, tell me your opinion on this (and yes, I do rant a lot and write a lot on this kind of subject...)

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