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  • Frieza14

    Outbreak Characters.

    September 4, 2011 by Frieza14

    They proabably wont appear again, but it would be nice to see them, even if it is just a cameo.

    I think Cindy and George should appear again, due to having the best character development . Also Kevin, he would easily fit as a BSAA member.

    I also wish we could see Raccoon Forest again, that place was creppy. It would be interesting to see if it survived Raccoon's destruction.

    So who do you think should be in a future Resident Evil game ? And what area should be seen again ?

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  • Frieza14

    Favorite Hero.

    August 24, 2011 by Frieza14

    I asked before who was your favorite villain, so now who's your favorite protagonist ?

    Why do you like them ? And what makes them unique ?

    For me its Jill because she's the strongest female lead (emotionaly) ,cares about her team mates ,took down Nemesis, managed to resist Wesker's control.

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  • Frieza14

    Favorite villain.

    August 22, 2011 by Frieza14

    Who's you favorite villain in the series ? And why do you like them ?

    For me its Nemesis, due to being the most terrifing monster and William Birkin for having the best monsterous apperances.

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  • Frieza14

    Movies Review.

    August 17, 2011 by Frieza14

    Lets talk about the Resident Evil Movies. Thier popular by fans and hated by fans, but i consider them good movies. Each film has is good parts and let downs. So here's my review :

    I like how they portrayed Wesker, he was mostly true to the games, plus the Lickers and Exercutioner were just how i imagened them on the big screen. OC characters in the movies were great too, i felt for them and hoped they would make it out okay.

    The problem i have the most is with Apocalypse, Nemesis just wasnt scary and felt more like a mindless monster. He never showed up from nowhere, you knew when he was coming, he used weapons and not his bare hands and he turned good.I expected the movie version him to be able to compete with Jason Voorhess and be a good …

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  • Frieza14

    As you all know there are many monster and creatures in the series. From zombies to B.O.W.s to Las plagas.

    So who do you consider to the most terrifing creature in the series ?

    To me its either the Licker, Nemesis, Mr X or the Iron maiden.

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