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  • Gimpy Tyrant

    Like everybody I'm hyped beyond words for the upcoming RE6. I can't get the newest trailer's theme out of my head, and the implications of the game itself are driving me crazy.

    But I take one look at the gameplay from all three demos and....I raise a eyebrow.

    My first thought was: "Oh god...tell me they didn't use ORC's gameplay." Thankfully not.

    My second thought was: "Oh you can shoot from a dozen angles and crawl on your back...and perform CQC (close quarters combat) with just a button press???" And part of my brain saw some familiarity.


    That's right, I looked at RE6 and I immediately thought of Metal Gear. Specifically 'Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

    Then I saw Muller's "running kick" and I thought of God Hand. In fact,…

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  • Gimpy Tyrant

    I'm not gonna lie, every time a new game comes out its always a mad dash to post the info on the wiki in haphazrdly written paragraphs across multiple pages. Occasionally far too many new pages are made, we have to cut back, and then the weapons get their own articles...meh...

    I'm an editor here, and I may have lapsed severely in the last couple months but this new release is just what I need to get the juices flowing again.

    Problem is I predict something akin to Outbreak updates going on as we hastily post backstories and plot synopsis sections for this new game. As in, the studios among us start getting into the game, pointing the smaller, more superficial stuff and whip up a trivia section.

    I also predict that "Gameplay" sections will be t…

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  • Gimpy Tyrant

    No windy preambles: I'm beginning to feel that Revalations, Operation Raccoon City, and RE6 are tossing in waaaaaay too many new characters into the pot for our belvoded RE franchise to handle.

    Now, I'm not saying thats a bad thing. The franchise is 15 years old and as such as seen its fair share of regulars come and go, with The Big Six (Chris, Jil, Claire, Leon, Ada, Wesker) more or less being the staples of the franchise as well as becoming the most marketable characters (Leon and Wesker especially). But beyond them very few if any characters really get any more time in the limelight. Some make unexpected comebacks (Barry and Krauser) while one in particular (Hunnigan) is starting to get more apperances as neccesary. But otherwise most o…

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  • Gimpy Tyrant

    First things first. Trailer was fantastic, Leon and Chris in the same game (for the second time) is great. Its placement on the timeline is still shaky but overall I'll play it until I lose my job from not going in to work.

    I say "meh" however because so far it seems like more trouble than its worth. Debate was never my favorite club in high school.

    "Is the blond chick Ashley or Sherry?" and other arguments aside, it just opens up another can of worms for us. The old school fans are still going to argue with the post-RE4 fans, and this trailer will be mercilessly picked apart until any and all scraps of information can be crammed into this wiki. Once a new trailer comes out the process starts again.

    Also, Beards? Really? I admire Capcom for t…

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  • Gimpy Tyrant

    This fake ad gave me a real Bioshock vibe. Its an entry in one of's photoplasty contests: 20 Must Have Toys For Christmas 2111. Future-themed essentially, so saying "old-timey" is kind of inaccurate. I think the funniest thing is where the creator (GoldLeader) places Raccoon City: South Dakota.

    Just wanted to toss this out here.

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