I'm not gonna lie, every time a new game comes out its always a mad dash to post the info on the wiki in haphazrdly written paragraphs across multiple pages. Occasionally far too many new pages are made, we have to cut back, and then the weapons get their own articles...meh...

I'm an editor here, and I may have lapsed severely in the last couple months but this new release is just what I need to get the juices flowing again.

Problem is I predict something akin to Outbreak updates going on as we hastily post backstories and plot synopsis sections for this new game. As in, the studios among us start getting into the game, pointing the smaller, more superficial stuff and whip up a trivia section.

I also predict that "Gameplay" sections will be thrown in to many of the protagonists pages.

Oh, and of course the small and dismissive "alternate endings" sections we're bound to see for non-canon occurences...

I will probably have this site open on the side as I play the game, so hey do whatever you can to support the wiki, and kill as many zombies and B.O.W.s in Raccoon City as possible.

Good luck ya'll

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