So, most of us are aware that many BOWs (and at least one unique shotgun) take thier names from creatures or gods in mythology, especially Greek and Roman (with Egyptian in there for at least one).

A thought occured to me. Considering Chris' struggle with bioterrorism in his recent appearances, does it seem like he's "rolling the boulder up the hill" so to speak. It is an uphill battle, even with help. But then I thought, wait everyone loves Chris because of his little stunt during the final battle of RE5 (although "little" is hardly the most used descriptor for that event).

Could it be? Symbolism? I thought back to the boulders from the first Resident Evil, maybe those tie in to this, I don't know. But anyone here ever heard of Sisyphus?

Short version, and one with a name RE and God of War fans may like to hear. Sisyphus was kind of a sly dog and had become king of some nation close to Delphi. One day he decided to mess with Zeus by exposing one of his secrets. Zeus, not exactly taking this too well, ordered Thanatos, the God of Death to take Sisyphus to the underworld. Somehow Sissy tricked him and trapped him in the underworld instead. Ares, the God of War, eventually had to intervene because without Thanatos no one was dying, making war much less fun for him. Later Sissy pulled some more shit, and even went so far as to claim he was more clever than Zeus. Zeus, know, ZEUS decided to dsiplay his cleverness by cursing Sissy to an eternity of useless efforts and unending frustrations. In this case, forcing him to roll a boulder up a hill.

Hence we tend to call tasks that seem to repeat endlessly Sisyphean.

Anyway. Doesn't that fit well with the trials and tribulations of not only Chris, but the other series protagonists? No matter how long they survive, no matter how many zombies or monsters or whoever else they have to blast through, nothing seems to change. The end never seems to be in sight. And overtly negative theory in regards to the RE universe, but then again the RE games have show that they're living in a really shitty world.


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