Resident Evil is a game series and media franchise that has spawned games, films, comics, novels, a Deck Building Game, and a few games set in alternate continuities.

See, I like Marvel Comics. What Marvel Database Wiki does is create an article for every character AND their Alternate Universe selves. Example: Spider Man of the comics is a different Spider Man from Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and they're both different Spider Men from the Ultimate, 2099, Noir...blah blah, there's a LOT of Spider Men our there in MANY different continuities. Too much to go on about.

Resident Evil is subtle...but broad in its set up with this.

Resident Evil Wiki has movie mersions of characters as articles, but there's passing, almost inconsequential mention of the other alternate continuities on this Wiki. None of them merit much discussion unless you're really immersed in the franchise, but then something struck me,

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. You can kill Leon and possibly Claire, and maybe others. The developers have said that it will effect the canon of Resident Evil. Of course. But how?

Will there be really deep consequences in the "present" (1998) for these actions? Like the Super Tyrant not dying and going on a rampage, or Ada getting shot by Annete and not surviving? Or perhaps Sherry's infection progresses?

Or will we be given a nice cutscene at the nd of the game showing the changes and repricussons of these actions? Leon never contacts Chris about Claire's imprisonment on Rockfort Island. Leon is never made an agent. Krauser may never engage in Operation: Javier...but may never be corrupted by jealousy. Los Illuminados might be taken down by somebody like...Chris?

Or is there multiple deaths, multiple outcomes? Different points to kill our favorite characters to let some things happen but others not.

Its here at that last one that I consider the possiblility of a convoluted list of alternate outcomes on each characters pages. One death caused this, the other that...lots of shit.

So here now I propose that we might be able to establish each continuity and the alternates of characters therein. And maybe, MAYBE get an organization system going.

  • Resident Evil 0-6; Main Series
  • Resident Evil Gaiden
  • Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (however many it could establish)
  • Resident Evil films
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (possibly MvC2 as well, at least by Marvel's reckoning)
  • Resident Evil novels
  • Resident Evil comics

What do you think sirs?

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