So, if its one thing I've always like about RE is that each game brings something new to the table. RE0 had the "Zapping System" for switching between characters (at least I think it was called that...); REmake had the Defense Items and the Crimson Heads; RE2 expanded on the scenario system from the first game and gave you "consequences" for stuff you did; RE3 had the Reloaing Tool, manual Dodge, and the Live Selection; Code: Veronica gave us First Person View weapons, RE4 expanded on the partner system used in a few games, reworked the invenory into a grid, made the knife always equipped but not taking space, established the over-the-shoulder camera, melee attacks for use on weaken or stunned enemies, and incorporated Quick Time Events into the series; and RE5...was the second game to have co-op but also had an expanded melee attack system, as well as context sensitive actions during boss battles...which may or may not have been in an earlier game I think.

My question is, if RE6 (or another game that probably won't ever be made) incorporated all of these elements, would any of them conflict or contradict each other? Would they all work or be a big hindrance? What do you guys think?

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