Hello everyone! Today I will be sharing my theory on Natalia from Resident Evil Revelations 2 - the theory that she is in fact a superhuman.

Let me open with the fact of the sensory bracelet on Natalia is red, indicating that she is in fact mutated. I know this because of a document found in Episode 1 on Claire and Moira's section of the chapter, it indicates that when the bracelets emulate a certain colour, it means something. Note, the following:

Green: Calm/Normal

Orange: Anxiety

Blinking Red: Fear

Red: Mutation

Throughout the episodes, her bracelet glows with a solid red, it does not change at all, telling us that there's something going on with her.

Furthermore, we all know that Natalia has the power to sense Afflicted through her "sight", some may say that she is just physic, but I truly believe that she is heir to special DNA that somehow pulled an Albert Wesker hat trick and her DNA merged with the virus. Granting her superhuman powers, hence, her "sight". I also believe that by her having this possible mutation, she will play a much more serious role in the storyline, a more aggressive role -- who knows what she may be capable of?

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